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Omya's innovative products solve the technical productivity challenges of modern drilling and well operations. With reliable global supply, our minerals allow safer, faster drilling and well completion.
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Omyadrill is a marble based bridging agent that forms a more impermeable filter cake on the surface of the wellbore, minimizing formation damage during drilling. The filter cake prevents the loss of drilling fluid and excess filtrate to the rock formation. It can be removed easily after drilling using an acid wash, leaving the formation undamaged.

Effective Bridging to Prevent Losses 

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Omyadrill is used as a weighting agent to increase the density of reservoir drilling fluids and drill-in fluid systems. Its marble-based particles are robust, resilient and can withstand degradation during drilling. It will not affect fluid properties and is compatible with other additives. Omyadrill is available in a wide range of particle sizes.

Increase Density of Drilling Fluids

The range of particle sizes available means Omyadrill offers an effective solution for wellbore strengthening and fracture sealing. It is compatible with drilling fluid additives, minimizing the risk of differential sticking and loss circulation. The precise particle sizing and high hardness make Omyadrill ideal for wellbore stress management.

Manage Wellbore Stress Effectively

Omyadrill is used to prevent loss circulation, which is caused by a fractured, cavernous or highly permeable formation. Omyadrill can be used alone or with other materials, Omyadrill will help to prevent and control the loss of drilling fluid into the geological formation, safeguarding operations and the environment.

Prevent and Control Loss Circulation

Wellbore StressLoss Circulation


Omyadrill HP is a range of hydrophobic bridging agents, which create an 'active filter cake'. The active filter cake is impermeable to water, ensuring no water-based drilling fluds are lost horizontally through the formation. Omyadrill HP is made from high-purity marble, is available in three sizes and can be tailormade to order.

Hydrophobic Bridging for Aqueous Fluids 

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Aqueous Fluids
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